A good build and powerful, ACER E5 575G 53VG is a laptop that would be perfect for your desk. The big screen with slim body will look great on the desk while give you better view to see things in more detail as well as allow you to open multiple windows comfortably. Whilst it is perfect on your desk, the light design makes it portable. Yet, the most important thing is that this laptop gives you powerful performance with high specs inside the machine. Fashionable design from the outside and high tech in the inside, you will satisfy with the look and the performance. Do not wait long to have it.

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E5 575G 53VG The Value You Looking For

With all the good things it has, ACER E5 575G 53VG brings the value you looking for. As a work partner as well as friend for fun, the Intel Core i5-6200U boost performance to the speed you need. It even better with 8GB DDR4 memory and NVIDIA GeForce 940MX graphics with 2GB DDR5 graphic memory. No matter how much your productivity needs are, it could provide you enough power. High demand of entertainments is not a problem for you can enjoy them to the fullest.

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The display and sound system are all high quality, especially with the addition of Acer technologies that make the image more colorful, the sound richer, and the movies come to life. It can prevent fatigue and eye strain due to long use thanks to BlueLightShield feature that you can activate anytime. It also able to make the sound deeper thanks to the custom equalizer.

Controlling is so easy and comfortable with spacious keyboard and precision touchpad. The keyboard is completed with extra number to make typing easier and faster. The touchpad is wide and very comfortable with high accuracy and smooth gesture. Play your fingers to pinch, flick, and swirl. The backlit on the keyboard ensure you still able to control E5 575G 53VG in the darkness.

As 15-inch laptop, putting it on the desk is better option. However, it still has a good value of portability to be your computing friend on the go. Although it may not ultra-slim and ultra-light, it is not so thick and heavy with the measurements 1.19 inches thin and 5.3 pounds weight. Just put it on your bag and you ready to go.

On your travel, you will not out of style. They make this laptop beautiful with cross-hairline finish for metallic effect and smooth look. They also create slimmer look with undercut design on the edges of the body. In addition, the plastic body is sturdy and feels good in the hand.

Every detail inside ACER E5 575G 53VG is made for functionality, convenience, and better computing that meet various needs. It comes with latest technologies while maintaining some classic touches. For instance, you can enjoy super fast connection from 802.11AC WI-Fi with MU-MIMO technology and you can opt to use Ethernet. While you can enjoy SSD fast storage, you allowed adding HDD to increase storage capacity greatly. USB 3.1 is there and also USB 2.0. SD Card reader is available as well as DVD drive.

Last but very important is the battery that could last up to 12 hours. Although the battery life tends to be shorter if you use it for demanding programs and entertainments, ACER E5 575G 53VG still allows you to enjoy it all day long unplugged. Even power outage will not worry you and you can carry it anywhere you go.

We already done the research and spend a lot of time for you.Click here to find out where to get the best deal on ACER E5 575G 53VG.